World of Warcraft: How to Become a GM

In World of Warcraft, there are many different things you can do, hundreds of quests to complete, several classes to choose from, and specs within that, battlegrounds, instances, integrated clan systems, add-ons and expansions, and so much more. You could really imagine the confusion and problems that can result from all of these features of the game. This is why 토토먹튀검증 of Game Masters (GM’s) is important to the game. GM’s are selected based on quite a few things, but the bottom line is that these players need to be able to serve all of the other players of World of Warcraft.

Becoming a Game Master is no easy task. Since only, a really small percentage of game players are actually GM’s, and such a high percentage of the players are interested in becoming GM’s, the competition is fierce.

Becoming a Blizzard GM is a process I can’t really explain or disclose. Blizzard normally allows players more benefits based on the time they play. For example, when Blizzard was selecting people to play on the Wrath of the Lich King beta/test version, players were selected based on the number of hours per week that players would spend online on average. The longer you played, the more of a chance you had to have a beta account. I would assume that GM’s were based in the same way. Firstly, GM’s are going to need to be old and mature enough to handle the situation. But also, the player is going to need to have tons of time they can devote directly to the game. It’s sort of hard to become a GM on Blizzard realms since the GM’s have very little communication with the players on the realms. A lot of the time, GM’s on private servers become GM’s because they’re friends with the current GM’s or owner of the private realm.

Private realms are a different topic entirely. It really all depends when it comes to private servers. Some private servers are desperate for more GM’s and even have a form on their main server website, which you can sign up for and potentially become a GM. Other private servers have quite a few members and can easily get the GM’s they need to keep the server running.

If you want to become a GM on a private server, first check the website of the server. If there is someplace to sign up there, your chances are much more likely, as they’re most likely going to want new GM’s at that time. Otherwise, there are a few steps you can take. Firstly, try and stay in touch with GM’s. Participate in events across the server. Get to know people. The more well-known you are, the better. Also, take into consideration the fact that in most cases, donators are much more likely to take these positions. Donators have had personal contact with the Game Masters, and are already in a state of good reputation with the workforce because of the fact that they contributed money towards the operation of the realm. To donate, make friends, and be a good game citizen, and the position might come your way! Otherwise, just play and have fun!