Who Wins in Poker

If you ask a poker player how often they win in tournaments, you will certainly hear that almost always. Isn’t it surprising?

Wins are a constantly debated topic on poker sites and blogs. We also took part in the discussion and spent a lot of energy on finding the answer to the burning question: who wins in poker and what is the nature of these winnings? So, let’s get started.

Firstly, the game level plays a decisive role, when you win or lose. The level is just the amount of money that is on the table, but not the skill of a player. You can meet excellent players at the lowest limits and truly complete fish playing high roller games.

Secondly, private games differ from games at poker rooms as well as live tournaments are different from online ones. In order not to be confused, we took a live game at a casino/poker club with a hired dealer. Who will win in the card games at Dominoqq site? The results depend on the implementation of the right strategy at the right time. The preparation of the trick should be done with skills and excellence to win in the card games. The gameplay of the opponent should be in the notice of the gamblers available at the website. 

Let’s start with the cheapest game with blinds from ¢50 /$1 to $1/$2 and $2/$4. Here is a huge number of players. About 80-85% of all people who play poker will never risk moving up to a higher level.

So, who wins in poker? It is quite certain that among the whole legion of regular players no one wins all tournaments. There are a number of factors that directly affect winnings or losses. Firstly, it’s luck, and secondly, rake, which is usually $3-$5 per hand, although today some rooms take $6. Summing up all expenses, it turns out that it is charged up to $8 from each pot. In the $1/$2 game, this amount is up to 4 big blinds per hour.

Under such conditions, a gain of 1-2BB per hour is almost impossible even for poker pros. The game at this level is intended, first of all, for entertainment. If you lose only a little, for example, 1BB per hour or slightly less, you should be rather happy and satisfied with your results.

You had a great time at the poker table with your friends and opponents and it costs you a little less than dinner in a decent restaurant or two movie tickets. Not bad!

Who wins in poker playing at the average level? This includes a limit game from $4/$8 to $10/$20 and maybe even $15/$30, and no-limit games with blinds of $1/$2, provided that the maximum buy-in is not more than $200.

Here you can win stably and well. However, as at the previous level, rake in this game is quite high. Moreover, be ready to face bad beats quite often. Less than 5% of players actually win here. Players who never run into tilt, having a high professional level and being able to manage a bankroll, will win 1 or 2 BB per hour. But this is most likely an exception to the rule.

Who will win in poker playing for high stakes? This includes limit games from $20/$40 to $80/$160 and from $2/$5 to $10/$20 to no-limit games. At these levels, the situation is changing. According to estimates, about 10%-15% of players are consistently playing in the black.

The impact of rake at this level is significantly reduced. Here you can meet the real pros.

More than half of all players at this level win constantly. It can be any game above $25/$50 for limit games and the most expensive ones for no limit games.

As in the previous category, this is due to the fact that these players constantly “feed” small but reliable number of wealthy sponsors. At this level, you can meet many millionaires who can not live without action. They are good players and could successfully play at lower levels, but prefer to play with the best and strongest. Without these tough guys, the poker pros would simply move money from one to another.

Finally, who wins in poker? It is obvious. Of course, any “permanent winnings” are out of the question. But in general, only about 5% of players are constantly occupying the chair of the winner. However, you need to consider that these rates are split unevenly at all poker levels.