Strategic Fundamentals To Winning Poker

To be a winning poker player it is vital to learn to think and make your own decisions. Situational thinking which is creative, sensible and logical is how players win, and win big.

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Playing for cash is the purest form of poker; the game was invented for this reason and no other. It is important to use strategic poker playing fundamentals right from the word go which means raising hands pre-flop from the correct position and also playing correctly post-flop. And speaking about position, in poker it’s all about position, much like real estate being all about location, location, location.

The “Button” is where players make the most amount of money and if you can play more hands where the button is, you will win more than your opponents. This is where a poker player can raise hugely and if you allow other players to steal your blinds this is ok, but never let them steal your position.

As tight aggressive poker playing is the ideal pre-flop style of a poker player, what exactly does this mean? It means you play a few good hands (tight), taking note of what a “good” starting hand is and the hands are played aggressively by betting and raising. Loose aggressive is another poker style and both of these poker styles obviously have merit according to situation. If a poker game is tight you play loose, if it is loose you play tight.

Playing tight aggressive generally means you will be playing better hands and decisions are generally easier to make in situations like this. Opponents will fear you and fish or weak players will pay you off more often. A lot of raising from position and consistently betting on the flop will keep the initiative on your side.

If you lack aggression, then it is better to deal with this sooner than later – it may be due to anxiety and it is bad for your game. Aggression means betting, raising, bluffing or part-bluffing and it generally pays off.

Grasp the concept of “value betting”, this is relatively simple when playing poker in a tight aggressive style. This type of betting is related to your hand and it will either be good, so that you want an opponent to call, or it will be bad and you will be bluffing to take the prize pot. Either way, you value bet to get opponents to pay more money into the prize pot.

Poker is notorious because it is the only card game which can be won with a losing hand and this is where bluffing plays a role. Bluffing can be simple or incredibly complex but one thing it should never be is at the wrong time. New poker players make this mistake time and again – they bluff at the wrong time, so learn in what situation bluffing can be of benefit and when it can be wrong. This is one of the most strategic fundamentals to get a grasp of.