Some Poker Tournament Tips For The Newbie

Often, many new players get too excited when they first join a Texas holdem poker tournament that they do not plan their game. This is quite understandable because, after all, who wouldn’t be excited about the prizes that you could win in there. But of course, without any plan, you can’t expect to win any of those cash prizes.

Thus, to be able to at least have a decent chance to advance in the games, you need to keep a few things in mind. These will definitely be handy when making decisions on the poker table.

The first thing that you need to consider when dealt with your cards is how to play them. This is often where the new player commits his first mistake. When playing  ซิกโบ คาสิโนสด and any other casino sites, you need to be familiar first with the game. The most common mistake players make here is playing too many hands. Many players think that by having more options, one will have greater chances of winning in a round. This is indeed true, however, playing too many hands will not help in developing a constant strategy which you can use for a longer length of play.

You should therefore need to be very selective in the hands that you will play. Play only those hands that has the highest chances of winning. Also you need to consider your current position during a round to determine which hand you will play. Since the betting button is rotated during each round, the betting order also changes. Thus their are times that others will bet ahead of you, which makes it advantageous to you since you can see their actions first and decide on what to do. On the other hand, there are also instances that you will be the first to bet so you need to choose a hand that will be safe in case others turn out to have better hands.

Another big mistake committed by many new players is giving too much weight to suited cards. True that suited cards afford forming the higher hands, but the thing is, you only have a small chance of forming them. In the case of the flush, for instance, you only have a 5.22 percent chance of getting one, not really impressive considering it is one of the higher hands. And the probability gets lower as the hand gets higher. In order to have a better chance, never center your play on suited cards. Instead, play the hand in a more probable manner. This way, you can be sure that you have a higher chance of getting the right card.

One thing that many new players are afraid to attempt in tournaments is being an aggressive player. Newbies often are intimidated in doing so for fear of being targeted by the more experienced players. But, as it turns out, aggressive play has its advantages. For one, being aggressive early on in the game will help you set the pace to your liking. This is especially helpful in making your way into the higher stages. Also, this will definitely take the more experienced players aback, which you can then use to your advantage. Be careful in doing aggressive betting though as it might backfire on you. Do so only if you only have a clear upper hand in the round.