Holdem Manager Statistics- How it will help you out?

Online poker has become a lot harder in recent years and the main reason for that is the use of poker tracking software such as Holdem manager and poker tracker.

These poker tools provide the user with statistics on how your opponent plays. You will have statistics on how tight or loose they are, how aggressive or passive they are and much, much more.

Now many new players have access to Holdem manager statistics by downloading the software but no one really knows what statistics they should be looking at and more importantly they have no idea about where their statistics should be and what the meaning if vary stats are.

Because of this one of Tagpokers 6 max cash players has posted an article in the Tagpoker fourm which we will share with you here. His online name is ‘Reseal’ and he is fast becoming a holdem manager statistics expert. Before playing the online games, the statistics of Pkv Games should be in the consideration of the players. The online games should be played with full control and access to win more cash. An account can be opened at reputed online site to deposit the winnings in real cash. 

: Voluntarily Put $ in Pot; the percentage of hands you play. A wide range of values here can be profitable, as to a certain extent preflop stats can be overcome with good postflop play. I’d say anything from 13 to about 30 with this stat is generally where good winning players can fall. Of course some nits can make a lower VPIP work, some LAGs can make a higher VPIP work.

: Preflop Raise; the percentage of time the player is combined raising and 3betting.The most important thing here is that this statistic correlates with VPIP. The spread should be no more than 7 however loose you are. Starting out it’s best to stick to a 3-4 point spread, because then you’re cold calling less and playing most hands with the initiative. Some common VPIP/PFR combinations may be: 13/10, 18/16, 22/19, 25/20 etc. A higher spread can be more profitable, but you have to be better to make it work.

: Aggression factor, this is calculated as AF= (Raise % + Bet %) / Call %. Good players will generally lie between 1.5 and 4 for this statistic.

: Went to Showdown; the percentage of time a player gets to showdown with their hands.A statistic that in my opinion helps with knowing when someone can likely be bluffed. A good range is 24-27. Although, some winners can play with a stat in the low 20s, and others with one in the high 20s. Anything above 30% and your getting into calling station territory, meaning against this you’ll want to seldom bluff and instead value bet more thinly.

: Won $ at Showdown; what percentage of pots a player wins at showdown with their hands. Obviously this statistic generally needs to be above 50 for someone to be a winning player. If someone’s W$SD is below 50, this should mean they’re calling down on rivers with weak holdings, and are prone to making hero calls- which means it’s not a good idea to bluff them.