Basics Of Rugby Betting

Rugby betting is not as popular as some other sports but with events such as the Rugby World Cup, Tri-Nations, Super 15 and Currie Cup it shows that this is a really exciting sport for South Africans to both watch and wager on. For example, take the RWC it’s a global sporting event that is pretty open, no one team has completely dominated there are always twists and surprise in the tournament. The Irish victory over Australia (2011 RWC) to name just one of the many other shocks that have come from this tournament demonstrates that there definitely could be some money up for grabs in this betting field.

Rugby betting works on the same principle as other sports the odds reflect the chance or probability of a certain outcome in the rugby match happening.

They can be displayed in decimal, fractional or American odds. Generally the most popular odds to use for rugby are decimal or fractional. Fractional odds are the most traditional odds; they look like a fraction when they appear for example a one in four chance of a team winning would look like this ¼. When placing a bet with fractional odds the odds are multiplied with your stake to give you the winnings. The odds show how many units you win in terms of winning per unit staked. Decimal odds are a bit easier to understand as they just take the chance of an outcome occurring as a % and divide into 100 so you can work out your potential winnings a lot faster.

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Rugby has slightly different bets that you can wager in comparison with other sports other than the simplest bet- match betting. This is just placing a wager on the team you think will win. One of the more prevalent ways of betting in rugby is handicap betting where the better team is given a point’s deficit that they must make up during the game in order to win the handicap. You can either wager on the favoured team with their points deduction or the underdog of the two with more points to begin with. There are also alternative handicap betting options which can be more varied and detailed to what the bettor specifically wants. You can also predicting the winning margin of the game and other details such as the 1st try scorer or the rugby position of the first try scorer. Some sites also may offer bets on specifics such as the time of the first try score and which player will score the most tries in a game.

With a rugby game the number of points scored is higher than for scoring in other sports such as football. Therefore there is no standard line for try scoring in rugby unlike in football which is 2.5, so a total or handicap line can vary. However you can place bets on the total points in a rugby match and the double results such as the winner of the half time and full time results.

There are factors you can look at to make sure your bet is a sensible one other than the odds. Things such as the motivation of a team can affect the likelihood of them winning, obviously for games in the world cup every ones motivation is pretty similar all wanting to win for their nation but in smaller Rugby Union or league games the team may perhaps really have something to prove before a big tournament kicks off. The previous track record of the team and how many games they have won can be found in statistics tables on some good sports books sites to help make a more educated bet. Tips such as this can help to make your wagering less of a stab in the dark.

Rugby is perhaps a good sport to wager on as it is not as well-known as other sports so bookmakers are more likely to make mistakes with odds. However sometimes this means there is more limitation with bets too so once you’ve won they can restrict the amount and what you can bet on, that one good tip is to have a few accounts with different online sports books (bookmakers) so you can compare odds and also continue to bet with less restrictions.