A Report About the Videogame Console Market

The aim of this article is to compare and list the similarities between various videogame consoles and their popularity with the users and to evaluate the videogame console market.

The videogame market is a continuous and an ongoing battle between the three major videogames leaders; Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. This market is not just for kids, not anymore, According to CBS News it is estimated that 60% of American people play games and 61% of them are adults, this means that adults are the major audience of this market. Therefore this is affecting the games, whilst in the past we had more child-friendly games, nowadays we are experiencing more violent and adult related games. Today the market is moving more into network gaming, this allows individual machines to be connected with each other so players are able to play multiplayer games and compete with each other. According to CNN Microsoft is planning to invest $2 billion to create a dedicated network for Xbox players in the next few years.

It was found that the firms are loosing money by selling these consoles. Because of the competition between Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, they are giving away their consoles at cheap prices, and then make the profits from the selling of games.

According to CNET The PS2, sold 30 million consoles, it came out with an original price of $299, but was chopped down to $199 in America. The Xbox and Microsoft sold around 4.5 million consoles and the Xbox was originally $299 but was chopped down to $199, while the Nintendo GameCube was originally $199 and was chopped down to $149. The PS3 was planned to be sold at $300 and the Xbox 2 between $350.

  • There was a sales jump in the years.
  • Hardware – Last Year – This Year
  • All $456m $771m
  • Portable $201m $252m
  • Non-Handheld $255m $519m

At this point I can conclude that, when the price of the console is dropped, the sales increase, therefore still more revenue is made.

People seem to prefer the non-handheld consoles because according to the graph and the statistics there are more sales of non-handheld devices. All these consoles seem to have high standards, and their prices do not vary much, in fact the PS2 and Xbox were both originally $299 and then they deducted the price to $199, and the Nintendo deducted their consoles from $199 to $149, making all three consoles in the same price range.


Many people are buying these consoles, and the statistics show that many people tend to wait until the price is deducted because the new ones which has the facility of daftar dewicasino88 is significantly high in price due to the RAM inside them . Overseas market trends might affect Malta a little, but not much in the prices etc, because the importers tend to establish their own prices, but maybe thanks to eBay and play.com the prices might be affected a little when it comes to game sales. Local piracy is still a problem, but if the games are sold cheap enough that should reduce this problem, but Malta being a small country will not affect much the companies that sell games Malta is a small market compares to USA and other big countries.