The Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries in our economic system today. It’s wide open for everyone to invest, and people now a days are showing great interest in investing heavily in this industry. The gambling industry is worth more than $14 billion up to 2006. It’s been 4 years since last survey so you can estimate how much it would have grown. There have been debates about its legal status but regardless of the outcome people gamble and they gamble a lot. You can pass a law to stop them but then they will find every illegal way to do it. You will see private casinos in the basements, people will make bets on phone, in short you can never stop people from gambling.

With the introduction of online gambling now people are freer to gamble anytime sitting at their home. It was in 1990’s when online gambling was introduced but since then it is spreading like a cancer. According to research there were just few about 150-200 online casinos till 2000 but now in 2010 they are uncountable. Due to increased use of online gambling ground gambling industry has suffered a lot.

Initially gambling was just a part time fun for some rich men who do not have much time to work and they enjoyed gambling but then the casinos started introducing more and more facilities to their customers specially they targeted women who were not very much into the gambling. They introduced machine games which attracted the attention of spare women waiting for their husbands and lovers while they were playing at the table. When casino owners looked an increased interest of women in gambling they thought it a very god idea of making some bonus money. They started offering more and more new offers like free drinks and cash bonuses.

When the ground gambling business was just going at its peak someone introduced online gambling in 1990’s. at first online gambling was not much of a success because at that time not everyone had computers at home and those who had have to surf through dial ups which were not very fast and patchy. But with the passage of time computer and internet spread widely and people started purchasing it bit more and internet speed also got better with the new advancement and today as you see everyone has his own personal computer or laptop and everyone can enjoy playing their favorite casino games sitting in the comfort of home.

This has given a big blow to the ground gambling industry, which already has suffered a lot due to increased promotion of tourism in the countries. People prefer to stay away from the rush of casino and they want to enjoy a peaceful gambling game sitting in their comfortable chair and online casinos are providing them this with efficiency.

Enough about bog blooming gambling industry now let’s see the dark side of the picture. It is true that gambling industry is providing jobs and money to lot of people but there are those people who lose their job just because of gambling. According to a research gambling is a very big reason in giving raise to unemployment, increased rate of suicide, child abuse and lot of bad things are happening in the society due to this vastly growing gambling industry.

This all is happening when online gambling is still illegal in some parts of the world. You can think about the consequences if it get legal everywhere. Last thing that I will quote here is that there should be some moral values of any business. There should be a code of ethics that businesses follow, but in case of gambling industry business is established just to get more and more money from the people. According to a research in Las Vegas every casino gets 90 cents on every dollar that is spent there. On top of that, with the emergence of online gambling websites like Liga168, the number of people who are gambling across the globe has increased drastically. People can now play poker and other gambling games at the comfort of their house. 

For all of you who gamble with a thinking that this time they will win, it is a very bad idea because that gambling industry’s strategy that always make you lose more than you win.

So be optimistic in approach and get gambling just as a part of your fun life, do not try to make it your full time job. Hope you will get some useful information from this discussion about the gambling industry.